Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Save Your Money

 A clean and great-smelling bathroom is definitely one way to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable. Countless germs and disease-causing bacteria may be lurking in different parts of your home especially in the bathroom, so it is important to make sure that this area is safe enough for the household. The thought of cleaning the bathroom may instantly cause some people to lose their appetite or get discouraged, but it is one task that you must carry out unless you have a housekeeper that does all that for you. It does not always have to become a gruesome activity and the relief of knowing that everything is squeaky clean makes it all worth it.

How to do it?

One of the most common problems you may face when cleaning is the strong, unpleasant smell of bathroom cleaners. It is usually bombarded with chemicals that irritate your eyes, nose and skin. Thankfully, there are now products toilet cleaningthat are gentle enough and have a refreshing odor without compromising its germ-killing properties. Nevertheless, you still need to wear rubber gloves, a mask, and an apron as a precaution. It is advisable to have a routine schedule for regular and deep-cleaning of the bathroom.  First, you need to start working from the uppermost part such as the shower head, the shelves and the medicine cabinet so you won’t have to do anything twice. Remove the dust from these areas through a damp cloth and put an ample amount of antibacterial cleansing cream on all parts of the shower. Use a sponge to scrub meticulously and wipe off all the watermarks including those in the shower glass. Shower heads are prone to infestation of harmful bacteria that can cause lung diseases. Make sure to pour a solution for unwanted clogs in the drain and leave it for about half an hour before scrubbing. For mirrors and glass shelves, use a spray to remove dirt and bring back its shine.

When cleaning the toilet, you have to be careful for splashes since this is the dirtiest part of the bathroom. Based on studies, toilet bowls harbor millions of germs such as E. Coli which is very dangerous if it reaches your digestive tract. For discolored toilets, baking soda is a cheap and reliable option to restore its natural color. Firmly brush all sides after pouring at least one cup of the baking soda and flush it after. Do not forget to disinfect your toilet brush and holder because they are with germs as well. Mop the floor with a specialized floor cleaner after you finish all the dirty work..

Toilet Cleaning Tips

There are two different designs of flush toilets, the one-piece and the two-piece. Both types have the same functions, use the same amount of water for the flushing and are usually installed in the same way. However, different people have varying needs and situations, so choosing the right fit bathroom fixtures cleaningwill depend on several factors. The two-piece toilet is what we regularly see in households and includes a separate bowl and holding tank. It costs lesser and is easier to install because of its divided weight. On the other hand, one-piece models are more expensive but are less prone to leaks and clogs due to its design. Aside from that great advantage, it is also a space-saver with bathrooms that have a limited size. Pick a Toilet editors claim that they are more durable and do not easily crack because of its solid ceramic design. Those who are building new homes often prefer this design because of its modern look and feel.

In line with hygiene, the one-piece toilet is definitely the better choice between the two. Due to its design, it is easier to clean and maintain. The two-piece toilet has more bumps and corners that are hard to reach and are often the reason pathogens thrive in those areas. More often than not, you will have to disassemble it if you want to get to those tiny spaces which will undoubtedly consume time and energy.

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