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5 Tips to Straighten Like a Pro!

There are lots of ways to have a straight hair as urban legend thrive in the beauty world. There are lots of hair care myths and stories that were passed from time to time and generation to generation. They run the range of hair straightener ideas from women who believes that this is true.


Some of this believes are that the split ends can be reversible and if you pluck one gray hair two will regrow. Women are also a fan of hair fairy tales like every one want, we really want to wake up one day and have a very natural smooth and perfectly straight hair.

But we all know that this is all fairy tales and nothing is true. We need to work very hard in order to have that natural looking hair we want. All women who have a curly and wavy hair should know that to get super smooth some heat styling is in needed.

But for those who already have straight hair you only needs a blow dryer to get the look you’ve wanted. But if your hair is thick and curly or wavy you really need a flat iron just to achieve a straight hair strand. Do not be afraid in trying different devices like straightening iron and even curling tools for your hair because there lots of tips for hair care preparation before starting your straightening session.

5 Tips To Straighten Like A Pro

  • Pick the right straightener iron – hair straightener iron can be like our clothes, they don’t come with a one size fits all. The thickness and length of hair is the determinant in choosing the right straightening iron. The right size of your iron can be easier to manuever, decrease the risk of overheating, straighten your hair efficiently and prevent in damaging your hair. For short hair always use an iron that has a narrow plates that is ranging from half inch to one inch thick. This will help you in ironing small section of your hair. For long hair use an iron that has wider plates that ranges from half a half inches to two inches so that you can cover more area in just less time. for futher information visit TheBeautiLab best flat irons page.
  • Select the correct heat that your hair needs. The type and texture of hair should be the determinant in choosing your iron’s heat temperature. Most of professional in hair care uses an iron that has different heat settings. But most of iron in some local stores was already set to higher heat that will also work for all hair types. This is only available if you are in your tight budget.
  • Use the right straightening iron to prevent damaging your hair. Always use ceramic, titanium or tourmaline metals. This kind of metal will give heat evenly that will result in less heat that will damage your hair. This kind of metals was considered as the most gentlest for your hair. Because they will release negative ions that will work to tighten your hair cuticle. This will also result in shinier, less frizzy and healthier hair.
  • Prepare your hair properly before starting to straighten it. Always wash your hair before starting to iron. Use shampoo and a conditioner when washing your hair, also try to blow dry your hair when done washing to make it dry before ironing. Make sure that your hair is smooth from root to the ends, make sure you are using a tension and natural bristle brush.
  • If you are having a very thick hair make sure that you prepare it properly before starting to iron it, not preparing your thick hair will not give you a positive result with your ironing. Make sure that you are using smoothing shampoo and a conditioner in washing your hair. Make sure that you also blow dry your hr before starting to iron.

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