How to Pick the Best Acoustic Guitar? – Buying Guide

Probably your current guitar is not delivering the best of what you need, and may be you need a better one. Or you just want to buy a new guitar, stop hunting beyond an acoustic guitar. It is a must have the instrument, especially for experienced guitarists who perform in live concerts and music events.

However, beginners might not be aware of the things to consider before purchasing an acoustic guitar. Whether a beginner or an experienced guitarist, our buying guide will cater for all. We have selected the major aspects that you need to check before paying for acoustic guitar. You might also check the guitar reviews on

Our purpose is giving you the insights so that you enter the music store with the necessary idea of what you are looking for in an acoustic guitar. Let us start…

  1. ApplicationsBest Acoustic Guitars

Even before thinking of acoustic guitar, first, you should understand the purpose of your new guitar. For serious beginners who wants to learn play guitar, it is advisable to consider buying least expensive acoustic guitars at first. There is a variety of them, which still offer high-end acoustic sounds.

Experienced guitarists looking for better models, choosing high-end acoustic guitar is the way to go. However, check to understand about tonewoods and effects of the soundboard to guitar’s resonance. If you have been playing in live concerts, an electric acoustic guitar can be the best for you. They come with pre-amps and pickups, allowing the use of sound systems without distorting the quality of sound.

  1. Acoustic guitar design

When buying a guitar, probably you know what you are looking as far as shape, colour, and size are concerned. Similarly, acoustic guitars are designed and constructed differently from other guitars. Basically, the neck is joined to the body and the headstock, while the back is shaped to fit your fretting hand. The body consists of the top, sides, and the back.

The body contains pickup system that converts soundboard vibrations into electronic signals. In case the signals are weaker, preamp plays the role of strengthening them. The preamp usually contains tone and volume controls plus an in-built tuner.

  1. Design style and soundBest Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Acoustic guitars have the similar basic design, but there are other differences based on quality, size, sound, and usability. These variables also determine the price, and therefore they are important while buying your guitar. For instance, you need to check the variety of body styles available and choose that seems elegant. Check the tops and neck, compare width and length and choose that appear more comfortable.

When it comes to strings, we have nylon and steel strings. Depending on your preference and quality, make a good choice. Also, don’t forget to check the difference between tonewoods, and choose according to the quality of sound and resonance you need.

  1. Variations

For beginners, understanding variations of acoustic guitars is important. Typically, the variations are reflected in two aspects; (1) an acoustic guitar with extra strings and (2) a guitar with different body shapes and components. However, the standard variation is a twelve-string guitar, and acoustic guitars feature this common variation. If you are an experienced player of blues and folk music, 12-string acoustic guitar is always a good selection.

  1. Choose a guitar you want

As much as you need an acoustic guitar, in particular, don’t over rely on other people’s opinions. Of course, your friends may advise you on the best guitar to buy. But the final choice will be made by you. There are various acoustic guitars, and you need to pick one that is comfortable based on your posture and form. The sound also should be what you need, and not what you are forced to hear.

Lastly, the price is always a limiting factor when buying a guitar, but it should not be the only determining aspect. Expensive guitars are usually better than cheaper ones, though this is not a justification that you must buy costly guitars. Choose a guitar that suits your style and budget, and you will definitely enjoy playing it.

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