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5 tips of Using Epilator smooth Step by Step !

Best-EpilatorsAs part of your daily beauty routine, you should probably shave your legs. Most of you have already been experienced waxing. But there is also another way to remove unwanted hair by using an epilator. This tool is like you are using a giant tweezer in removing all your unwanted hair. This tool works by removing your unwanted hair from the roots, making it semi to permanent removal of unwanted hair.

This tool is very easy to use, but it hurts for your first couple of time by using this tool. You might think that you don’t want to use anymore, but once you get used in using this, you find yourself loving it anymore. If you really do it right, it will make your skin look smoother and sexier.

Now, you really want to try use this tool, that is why we will give you some tips on how to use this unwanted hair removing tool. Make sure that before removing your hair you read first instruction on how to properly use the tool before deciding to use it in your hair removing session.


hair removal at home5 Tips on How To Use Epilators:

  • The very first thing to consider before using an epilator is you should choose a good quality epilator, of course, you buy this tool to remove unwanted hair that is why you should buy a very good quality. Make sure that you don’t buy low-quality epilators because you want to budget, you should always buy high quality so that it will give you the best quality in hair removing.

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  • Also choose for an additional accessory, this is very important to have, especially when you want to prevent an ingrown hair. Having a loofah is a very great, but if you don’t have a loofah an exfoliating glove or a scrub well work fine too. Since epilators will give you a little bit pain during hair removal, there are also some cream to help you numb the part that you want to remove your hair. You just rub it in the area where you want to remove your hair, especially in a very thick layer area and leave it for 1 hour, make sure that you start removing the hair immediately because the numbness will only last for 30 minutes.
  • Make sure that you trim your hair or you let it grow for about a millimeter or two after you shave it. It is best to epilate longer hair compare to shorter hair. This will make your epilating session a lot easier if you will grow your hair longer before starting to epilate. It will also help you to make your epliting session less time consuming.
  • Exfoliate first the area of your body where you want to exfoliate the day before starting to epilate. Always use a loofah, scrub or a mitt to exfoliate your skin. Correct and proper exfoliating are a very critical step so that it will prevent nasty ingrown hairs. ┬áMake sure to make circular pattern when exfoliating to have a better result when epilating.
  • Choose what kind of epilation you want. Whether you want a dry or a wet epilation procedure, it is depending on what will be your preference. But some women use their epilators conveniently in their shower or bath because it is less painful. There are also who want to have their epilating session dry to avoid a sticky feeling. If you decide to use your epilator dry, you should prepare a towel to wipe your skin in an opposite direction of your hair growth. This will not just make your skin dry, but it also makes the hair stand up and weaken it. Epilators will work best on a completely dry and free from oil, lotion and moisturizers. They are also women who also uses baby powder for a drier skin.

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