Vacuum Sealer Usage & Benefits

vacuum sealer benefitsDoes the vacuum sealer machine make my life easier?

Vacuum sealer machines are a boon for modern kitchens. It’s in every homemaker’s most wanted list every Christmas and homesteader’s essential list. This machine removes the air out of the package to keep it from being spoiled by microorganisms present in the air which may be trapped along with the food and to prevent freezer burn for food that has to undergo long storage in the freezer.

What to look out in a vacuum sealer machine

There are two types of vacuum sealer machines: the countertop and the handheld. Each type has a different use. Check which one will fit your lifestyle.

Countertop vacuum sealers are expensive. However, the bigger price tag does not necessarily mean it is the best model out there. It can seal bags or it can come with attachments that allow it to seal jars and bottles as well. It is often stored flat so allocate some space in your counter, especially if you want to use it often. The bag rolls that it comes with can be washed and reused, though not necessarily for raw meat. You can buy any brand as the sealer, as long as its size and style is similar. Budget baggies can cost USD 23.00 for 100 pieces compared to the name brands that have only 44 bags.

Handheld vacuum sealers are less expensive as its price starts at USD 25.00. It is great for food that needs to be airtight but used regularly as it uses zipper bags that can be resealed often. The bags can be reused for some time. You do need to stock up on them because otherwise, the unit will be useless.

However it runs on batteries which may or may not be rechargeable.

How to make the most of the vacuum sealer machine

Vacuum sealers are on the kitchen counter for an obvious purpose: food storage. Perishables such as meat, cheeses, and vegetables stand to benefit from the lack of air and moisture during storage which helps keep it fresh. Dry goods have extended shelf life because of it. Bottles and jars can also be sealed with attachments. Leftovers can be stored attractively, making you want to eat them after some pass at the microwave. You can save up on time by prepping ingredients early before you do the cooking for a mess-free and stress-free kitchen experience.

But wait, there’s more. Vacuum sealers can also seal other items aside from food. It can seal anything that needs to be kept out of water or air. Spare clothes, matches, and power supplies for an outdoor excursion can also be sealed with vacuum sealers. Important items such as documents, jewellery, or money can also be vacuum sealed.

Food-Vacuum-SealerIs a vacuum sealer machine worth the price?

Price for vacuum sealers can cost USD 85.00 to as much as USD 500.00 which can cause a blow to an average household’s budget even when it’s put on lay away. Looking at a gadget that is as big as two boxes of aluminium foil side by side, that may seem like a lot of money to blow for food storage.

But do the math and you’ll realise that the presence of a vacuum sealer machine will make life easier because the amount you spent on buying the machine is amount well spent. You get to buy food in season by bulk which meant it is cheaper than buying them on smaller quantities. You can also take advantage of food sales because it’s cheap and that you know your family eats a lot of it. But the benefits do not end there.

Vacuum sealer machines can keep air out and lowers the risk of food spoilage which increases the shelf life of staples. It also prevents unwanted moisture and contamination on food being stored. It also saves time because you can make meals or ingredients in advance, all you do is reheat.

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